Friday, 05 June 2020
New pilots installed for future Peljesac Bridge New pilots installed for future Peljesac Bridge

Chinese builders finish first stage of Peljesac Bridge ahead of time

By  May 11, 2019

Finishing a construction project on time in Croatia is rare, finishing it ahead of time is almost unheard of. However, that is exactly what has happened with the first stage of the new Peljesac Bridge. The last of a total of 148 permanent pilots on the construction site of the Peljesac bridge was completed on Thursday night, ending the job a full 12 days ahead of schedule.

The last pilot was 126.6 meters long and one of the most critical for the bridge’s foundation.

According to the plan of construction the last pilot had to be in place by the 12th of May. The original plan was to install one pilot per day, however the Chinese construction company managed to install two a day, and sometimes three a day depending on the weather conditions.

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