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Dubrovnik in for a longer period of rain and unsettled weather

By  May 09, 2019

Dubrovnik is experiencing one of the wettest starts to May ever and it looks set to continue for a few days longer at the very least. With temperatures barely scraping up to the low teens and grey, overcast skies blotting out the sun the first week of May has been more autumnal than summery.

Instead of relaxing on the beach and topping up their tans tourists have been hiding under umbrellas and wrapped warmly in coats. The summer has yet to start in the city and the forecasters are predicting that the wet spell will last for at least another week.

The forecast for this weekend is for gloomy skies and rain with temperatures on Saturday expected to be between 20 and 15 degrees with possible thunderstorms. Whilst Sunday will see temperatures drop to between 18 and 14 degrees with periods of rain.

“This weather is unbelievable, I’ve had enough of the rain and I’m still wearing my winter jackets. I’ve never seen a start to May like this before,” commented a resident of the Old City.

And the wet weather will continue for most of next week with temperatures stuck between 19 and 14 degrees. The start of the week could see lightning and thunder on Monday and Tuesday with rain and showers for the rest of the week.

The sun and blue skies aren’t forecast until the following weekend, the 18th and 19th of May.

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