Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Dubrovnik: one of the most successful Croatian cities when it comes digital readiness

By  May 02, 2019

Strategic profiling of Dubrovnik as a Smart City, a project to which city government is devoted, has not gone unnoticed. The results of the recently presented Apsolon's first digital readiness study of the 20 largest Croatian cities have shown that Dubrovnik stands out among the cities of up to 50 thousand inhabitants - Lokalni.hr reports.

The study states that Dubrovnik has high-quality digital services for visitors (City Card, app to predict the crowds), is one of the most active cities on social networks, and develops innovative application solutions. Alongside Rijeka, Zagreb and Pula, Dubrovnik also stands out in the digital accessibility of city data.

You can see the whole study here.

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