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Banje Beach in Dubrovnik today Banje Beach in Dubrovnik today Reader's photo

Iconic Dubrovnik beach optimistic that sunshine will continue

Written by  Apr 17, 2019

Easter is traditionally the opening of the tourist season in Dubrovnik, basically because it it is the time of the year that flights from all over the world start landing at Dubrovnik Airport. But this year it would seem that the season has opened a few weeks earlier than usual and already hotels are reporting high levels of occupancy.

The weather, however, isn’t playing ball and helping tourists to get some Spring sunshine. Constant grey, overcast skies and rain for ten days at the beginning of the month have meant that temperatures have been unseasonably fresh. These photos, sent to us by a reader, clearly show that the Adriatic Sea isn’t yet up to a comfortable temperature, today it is around 17 degrees.


The Banje Beach have, rather optimistically maybe, placed a handful of sunbeds on the beach in the hope that the sun will shine all day, and a few tourists paddled in the Adriatic. The forecast for the next few days, and for the Easter holidays, is for warmer more settled weather with highs expected to reach the low twenties. 

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