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Dubrovnik fetured in Vogue: The Game of Thrones filming locations you can visit in real life

By  Apr 11, 2019

Last season of the super popular Game of Thrones serial is approaching – in just three days, the first episode of the eight season will be aired and the fans are getting more and more excited. No wonder that the theme of Game of Thrones is trending again, especially when it comes to filming locations. Luckily, Dubrovnik got the chance to be one of those – playing King's Landing.

Yesterday, Vogue Magazine has published an article titled ''The Game of Thrones filming locations you can visit in real life'' and Dubrovnik is honoured with the cover photo and the first mention on this list.

-Dubrovnik’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands in for Kings Landing on the show. Pace the medieval walls like Tyrion or Varys, gaze upon Fort Lovrijenac (which overlooks the fictional Blackwater Bay), or, if you dare, take the shame-stairs of Cersei Lannister (bell-ringing septa not included.)- it's written in the article that also warns the visitors about the crowds.

-Dubrovnik has seen an explosive tourism in the past few years thanks to the show's exposure. So explosive, in fact, its taking steps to limit visitors – Vogue explains.

If you want to see the full list of the Game of Thrones locations by Vogue, just click here.

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