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Korculanske Pjatance Festival to bring spring flavours on the island of Korcula

By  Apr 10, 2019

Korculanske Pjatanace, festival that celebrates Dalmatian cuisine in both its classic forms, reflecting the long history of local seasonal recipes with a modern twist will be held again this year on the beautiful island of Korcula from April 26th to April 30th.

The first Korculanske Pjatance, spring food and wine festival, was held in 2017, when restaurants from Korcula, Lumbarda and Pupnat joined together to present the best of local food and wine to visitors and the local population.

Stimulated by the success of the first festival, Adio Mare, Aterina, Baric, Filippi, LD Restaurant, Marco's, Nonno, Radiona, konoba Maha, konoba Mate and Eko Skoj, founded the association «Korculanske pjatance» in January 2018.

-We aim to develop the town of Korcula as a destination for high-quality tourism based on outstanding gastronomy, superb local wines and outstanding hospitality, while cherishing the centuries long traditions that are woven into the identity of the town and the island – the organizers explain.
The chefs present their gastronomic accomplishments through creative menus that show the diversity that this island has to offer together with new season releases from the wine and olive oil producers. All menus are designed especialy for this occasion with special value for money prices.

As organizers write - spring time nature in all its richness awakens. It is a time for picking herbs and fruits from the countryside and when we have the most delicious ingredients such as wild asparagus, wild vegetables and herbs, new season oysters and spring lamb.The sea is also at its richest. What better reason for choosing this time of the year to celebrate the richness of Spring with a food and wine festival?

-Spring time provides inspiration for our chefs, but also for the olive oil  producers and winemakers of Korcula and the nearby Peljesac peninsula. They experience olive trees, grape vines, sea, island and peninsula as an unfailing source of inspiration for new interpretations of wines made from the local grapes Posip, Grk and Plavac mali, and olive oils from traditional local varieties, such as Orgula, Drobnica and Lastovka. Their new season releases will be presented during the festival, allowing to experience for the first time the flavours that will accompany the upcoming season – it's written on the official website of Korculanske pjatance.

If you are intrigued, check the program of the Festival right here.

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