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Traffic police to monitor the speed on the locations suggested by the citizens today

By  Apr 03, 2019

From the Police Administration of Dubrovnik-Neretva, announced that today, Wednesday, April 3rd, the action of 24-hour surveillance of the speed of vehicles in all police administrations in the Republic of Croatia will be held, based on the TISPOL plan, the network of traffic police.

The focus of the action is on involving the public, or more precisely the citizens who have been invited by the media to provide locations where they would like the police to measure speed.

- On this occasion, we would like to thank all the citizens who have submitted their proposals, which we will comply with in all those places where there are conditions for speed control. By involving the media and citizens, we want to raise the public awareness of speed as the leading cause of the worst traffic accidents and motivate the drivers to respect the speed limits and save not only their own but also the lives of other traffic participants – police stated.

The police will include the maximum number of police officers in this action and all available techniques to monitor as many locations as possible during 24 hours.

-The goal of the action is not just repressive - punishment of drivers, but active involvement of all traffic participants, the public and the media in order to improve the road safety throughout the state – police concluded.

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