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Gruz to become a new urban center of Dubrovnik

By  Mar 25, 2019

Representatives of Jaspers - technical assistance partnerships of the European Commission and representatives of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure were presented the project proposal for the future intermodal urban center of the City of Dubrovnik, which covers the area from Batahovina to the Minceta Mall. It is a vision of the development of the new urban center of the city with models of traffic system solutions, which would include park and ride system, turning traffic, creating pedestrian zones and greening of the individual stocks.

The aim is to create a space for a more enjoyable living and to provide a simpler life for citizens with all the necessary amenities. Gruz, along with the port area, would be transformed into a new city center with a new offer for citizens and tourists and with the solved traffic issue. The goal of the city administration is to fund this demanding project with EU funds.

The representatives of the European Commission were very pleased with the idea and said that it as acceptable for funding in the future EU Operational Program for the period of 2021-2027. Regular coordination meetings were also agreed with the representatives of the Ministry and Jaspers in the next four months to agree the final content project and define all the necessary project documentation. The required documents should be produced in the next two years and will be the basis for submitting the project to EU funds.

The Intermodal Urban Center project represents a vision of the development of this part of the city, as well as solving the entire traffic problem. In addition to traffic solutions that will include the construction of a new tunnel, new access roads, the new entrance to the City, it will include a large part of Port, the new port terminal project for the reception of cruise ships, Batahovina. There are also a number of public and social content that are lacking, especially cultural attractions and new attractions for tourists, those on cruise trips and ‘’regular’’ tourists.

The existing parts of Gruz, such as the market and parks, will be reconstructed and a new pedestrian zone will be constructed that will change the vision of Gruz and give new content to the whole city. They will, along with the existing one, be new, alternative offerings that should ultimately relieve the burden of the historic core of the City.

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