Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Reconstruction of the part of the Gundulic Square to end before Easter

By  Mar 22, 2019

Gundulic Square is busy: the renewal of the part of the pavement and archaeological research below the square is ongoing. Renovation works are worth 315,320 kuna and are performed by the contractor of the City of Dubrovnik for reconstruction of pavements in the historical core - company Gradevinar Quelin d.d. from Dubrovnik.

In order to avoid the disruption of everyday life of the Dubrovnik citizens, the works are divided into phases. At this stage of the work, about 100 square meters of sidewalks are open, and after the research has been carried out, the pavement will be repaired in such a way as to try to preserve as many old panels as possible, in accordance with the Dubrovnik Conservation Department guidelines. Works on this part will be completed by April 21nd, and the next works on renewal are scheduled for fall, after the end of the tourist season. In 2019, the City of Dubrovnik provided 800,000 kuna for renovation and restoration of pavements in the old city center.

Below the square are the remains of buildings dating back to the history before the great earthquake in 1667, the front wall of the street and the early paving, which was also found during the previous reconstruction of the part of the square in 2015. The pavements were of brick, structured like the fish bone, which are medieval street levels in Dubrovnik. The street was facing north-south.

In the part that is currently being sanitized, there were residential buildings before the earthquake. In the excavations is the currently visible Austrian canal from the 19th century, as well as the contours of the front wall. It is expected to find economic facilities that were on the ground floor of the Dubrovnik drainage channel near the Ranjina Palace. Excavations work up to one meter deep, and archeological research will take another ten days.

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