Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Zupa football club receives donation to purchase artificial grass

By  Mar 21, 2019

Given that there are over 250 children actively involved, one of the main concerns of the Župa Dubrovnik Football Club are activities to improve and build the infrastructure necessary for the normal running of training processes and competitions in all ages and categories.

Last year, with the help of the Municipality of Župa, preparatory actions on the construction of an auxiliary football field with artificial grass were begun. The Municipality invested more than 200,000 Kuna in addition to other investments through the Community of Sports, and these works were the basic prerequisite for obtaining the donation from the Croatian Football Association, which was realized today.

The President of the Croatian Football Federation, Davor Šuker, today in Zagreb handed over a donation of 500,000 Kuna to the President of Župa Football Club, Duro Lonza, intended for the purchase of artificial grass.

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