Wednesday, 17 July 2019

PHOTO - Lazareti complex reconstruction well underway

By  Mar 20, 2019

Construction works on the reconstruction of the eighth, ninth, and tenth hall of the Lazareti complex are going well. Works of reconstruction and equipping of this valuable part of the cultural heritage in Dubrovnik are being carried out within the project "Lazareti - creative district of Dubrovnik", the first project co-financed with grants from the European Funds.

On the roof of the tenth hall there are works on the thermal insulation, followed by laying the roof and covering the roof with a canal duct. At the same time, in the interior of the building, the walls are grouted, aluminum rocks are made, and the spaces are rebuilt. At the same time, on the eighth and ninth hall of the complex, interlocking constructions were constructed, walls were grouted and a roof structure was created and laid.

The Lazareti Project - the creative district of Dubrovnik is worth 33.8 million kuna, of which up 25.9 million is secured from EU grants. The rebuilding of the three buildings of the complex is worth 21,078,941.55 kuna, while the other funds are intended to equip the already restored halls, as well as the development and design of cultural programs and contents.

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lazareti04 190319

lazareti10 190319

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lazareti18 190319

lazareti25 190319

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