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Dubrovnik learns from German experts about security and crime prevention

By  Mar 19, 2019

Deputy Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik Jelka Tepsic and Deputy Head of the Administrative Department for Education, Sports, Social Welfare and Civil Society Miho Katicic welcomed a delegation of the German Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg, led by Joachim Schneider, who are having an official visit to Dubrovnik and the Police Administration in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

The meeting was also attended by the Head of the Police Administration of Dubrovnik-Neretva Ivan Pavlicevic, Deputy Miro Bajo and Head of Prevention Department Sandra Veber with associates.

Deputy Mayor Tepsic welcomed the guests and representatives of the Dubrovnik Police Administration on behalf of the Mayor Frankovic, pointing out that security in the City of Dubrovnik is on an exceptionally high level, which is important for both citizens and visitors. She praised the excellent co-operation of the city administration with the police administration, emphasizing the cooperation within the project "Respect the City".

- Together we are keeping an eye on the security of our citizens and visitors, especially during the summer months when a large number of tourists are staying in the city. Through the project "Respect the City", we are doing a series of activities, part of the cooperation with the police, especially when it comes to regulation of traffic. Due to the specificity of our traffic infrastructure, traffic blockages have created the greatest problems so far and the police administration is of great help – Tepsic said.

Katicic spoke about co-operation with the police through the Council for Crime Prevention, a body made up of stakeholders dealing with the prevention of violence and other forms of delinquency. As an important project that came out of this cooperation, he has emphasized a video surveillance center to monitor the public areas of the City of Dubrovnik.

- Encouraged by the devastation of children's playgrounds and generally infrastructure for children and young people, and on the other hand the need for road and intersection surveillance to increase safety, we have set up 116 cameras in 37 locations in the city - explained Katicic,adding that the public space is monitored by the city administration, while the central system is located in the offices of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Police Office.

Representatives of the German delegation shared their experiences in fighting crime, with the conclusion that prevention is the best mode of action, especially when it comes to vulnerable groups such as young people.

The visit was agreed in the framework of bilateral co-operation through the Mixed Commission of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Delegation is made up of experts in the field of crime prevention from the Federal Republic of Baden-Wurttemberg - the mentors of the Croatian police, who for a decade have helped to adopt positive examples of preventive activities aimed at all forms of crime and improving the security of citizens and their property. They started "Community Police" reform and are the initiators of the establishment of the Criminal Prevention Council.

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