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Rescued and charged Rescued and charged

Chinese camper van rescued after gale force winds in Dubrovnik

By  Mar 12, 2019

These Chinese tourists won’t forget their trip to Dubrovnik in a hurry. Last night the gale force northerly winds hit the Dubrovnik region and caused havoc with the traffic system. The Dubrovnik Bridge was closed due to the strong winds but the Chinese tourists, in a Polish registred camper van, didn’t take any notice of the signs telling them not to cross the bridge and ended up stranded in high winds at the beginning of the bridge.

The north winds, which generally blow the strongest over the bridge, flipped the camper van onto its side, slightly injuring the two Chinese tourists.

This morning the wind died down a little and allowed emergency services to rescue the van. A tow truck pulled it upright and then into the nearby parking where, with the help of jump cables, it was brought back to life and the two Chinese tourists were allowed to continue their journey. Presumably in the future they will pay more attention to all the signs.

chinese van stranded on dubrovnik bridge

Just before the camper van was blown over - Photo Tonci Plazibat 

flipped on its side

Gale force winds flip the camper

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