Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Ston oysters given the all clear after norovirus outbreak

By  Mar 12, 2019

Samples taken on the 5th of March from five different control points around the Bay of Mali Ston have been confirmed as negative for Norovirus. A Senior Veterinary Inspector from the Metkovic Office of food safety in the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that he had checked five control points and that the virus was no longer present.

- Of the five control points where the norovirus was present, the last sampling of these locations is negative. Norovirus is no longer present, the shellfish can go to public consumption – he commented.

35 days have passed since the occurrence of norovirus in the bay of Mali Ston, which prohibits the consumption of oysters. This outbreak caused the Ston Oyster Days to be cancelled this year and has damaged the image of Ston oysters throughout the world.

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