Sunday, 19 May 2019
Gale force winds expected again in Dubrovnik CROPIX

Gale force winds expected again in Dubrovnik

By  Mar 11, 2019

Following the announcement by the State Meteorological Institute, which has predicted gale force northerly winds for tomorrow, the City of Dubrovnik wants to warn citizens of increased caution on movement, possibly due to roof tiles and falling trees.

Strong winds, the like which hit Dubrovnik back at the end of February, are predicted to hit tonight and blow through Tuesday. Although they will certainly be gale force they aren’t expected to reach the speeds of the February storm.

The strongest winds are expected to reach speeds of between 65 to 90 kilometres per hour, and people are warned of the possible debris that is flying with strong winds. This warning specifically refers to the area of the historic core, where the repair of the roofing damaged during the recent winds is underway, the town administration said.

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