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Interest in Dubrovnik as a running city grows as second event sells out

Written by  Feb 24, 2019

Not only has the fifth Dubrovnik Half Marathon sold out a full three months before the actual race but now comes news from the organisers that the popular Run the Walls race has been sold out.

“Aaaaand... it's gone! After #Dubrovnik #HalfMarathon, Run The Wall is sold out as well! Thank you all!” commented the organisers on Twitter.

The iconic Run the Walls event is part of the wider DU Motion organisation, which includes the Dubrovnik Half Marathon, the 5K and the Kid’s Day. The Old City of Dubrovnik is encompassed by the city walls, that stretch for 1.9 kilometres, and runners compete against the clock.

“The Walls of Dubrovnik have been considered to be amongst the greatest fortification systems of the Middle Ages. The walls run an uninterrupted course of approximately 1,940 metres in length, encircling most of the Old City and reach a maximum height of about 25 metres. Once a year they are the track field to a very tricky 2,5K race. Upstairs, downstairs, slippery ancient stone, magnificent view…All of it makes this race unforgettable as well as dangerous. The number of runners is limited at 100,” comments the organisers on the Run the Wall event.

The fifth annual Dubrovnik Half Marathon sold out a full three months ahead of the actual race. Runner from over 50 countries have booked their place in this year’s race.

"When we started last year with the active promotion of the half marathon we set out to sell it out, but the time in which we have sold it out has exceed all our optimistic predictions. This success is the best possible introduction to the five-year celebration and great motivation for the years ahead” commented the Director of Du Motion, Alen Bošković.

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