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Dubrovnik Airport expects 2019 to be a very successful year

By  Feb 18, 2019

Dubrovnik Airport is expecting another successful business year, with about 5 percent increase in passenger traffic and 3 percent in airplane operations, and plans to complete the development project of the port worth over 220 million euros in autumn – SEEbiz reports.

-Dubrovnik Airport started with preparations for this year and for the summer season already in October last year, when initial carrier plans were received. Since then, there has been a continuous negotiation process with the scheduled flight operators, which will end in February, after which we will announce scheduled flights for the summer season 2019 - they said from the Dubrovnik Airport as SEEbiz writes.

This year, similar to the last year, 60 charter airlines, including charter carriers, will operate in that airport and will bring passengers from 30 countries, mostly from the EU. Dubrovnik Airport wanted to emphasize the start of the direct flights from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik of the world’s largest air carrier American Airlines.

The good trend with the number of passengers continued in January this year, with more than 26 thousand passengers, which is 18 percent more than in January last year.

Recalling last year, they estimate that for Dubrovnik Airport Dubrovnik it ended successfully. According to their data, over 2.5 million passengers or 9.3 percent more than in 2017 have gone through the airport in 2018, with the majority of passengers (2.2 million) being international, which is 11 percent more than in 2017. Among them, there were 686.7 thousand passengers from the United Kingdom, followed by the Germans and the French.

The number of passengers on domestic flights was about 255 thousand, which is 4.5 percent less than in 2017, and a minus of 14.7 percent was recorded in the segment of goods and mail, with 176.3 thousand kilograms.

There were nearly 24 thousand aircraft landings / take-offs in 2018 or 9.7 percent more than in the year before, and most of the traffic took place during the summer months.

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