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Dubrovnik, a Scarred City exhibition opened in Washington

By  Feb 14, 2019

The multimedial exhibition "Dubrovnik, a Scarred City: Damage and Restoration of Dubrovnik 1991 - 2000" by Juliana Antic Brautovic, Mato Brautovic and Goran Cvjetinovic was opened on February 13rd, at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Washington, and it will remain there until March 13th.

Through the text, photography and video material the exhibition presents the suffering of Dubrovnik in the Homeland War, but also the rapid and impressive restoration that followed.

- The damaging of Dubrovnik in the Homeland War resulted in two precedents. For the first time in its history, UNESCO has sent its delegates to a war-torn area. These people helped institutions in Dubrovnik and Croatia to record and protect the destroyed monuments, as well as to develop a methodology for restoration, education of experts for its implementation and supervision. Likewise, the judgments of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia to JNA officers responsible for the destruction of Dubrovnik - General Pavle Strugar and Deputy Admiral Miodrag Jokic were the first verdicts for crimes against cultural heritage ever made in some international criminal proceedings - said Juliana Antic Brautovic, thanking everyone who participated in the project, especially to those who borrowed property used in the exhibition.

The property of the Museum of Homeland War, the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik, Society of Friends of the Dubrovnik Antiques, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Croatian Radio and Television is used in the exhibition, as well as photos of Milo Kovac, Bozo Gjukic, Pavo Urban, Miro Kerner, Damir Fabijanic, Ana Maria Grill and Peter Denton.

Numerous friends of the Embassy were welcomed by Croatian Ambassador to Washington Pjer Simunovic on behalf of the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, pointing out that this is the most honorable project the Embassy has organized so far.

-That’s why we have planned a whole lot of special events to accompany the exhibition. In addition to the opening ceremony dedicated to the friends of the Embassy, on February 28th, we will organize a similar event for the diplomatic corps, and in early March and for the academic community - professors and students of history, political science, art history and restoration. In addition, the exhibition will be open to the public every working day from 10 am to noon - Ambassador Simunović said.

The exhibition was organized by the City of Dubrovnik and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the United States, with the sponsorship of the Society of Friends of the Dubrovnik Antiques and sponsored by the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. It was organized on the occasion of marking the 40th anniversary of the inclusion of the entire historical monument complex of the memorial core on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the 20th anniversary of the removal of Dubrovnik from the list of endangered world heritage. It was first put up in December last year at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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