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City of Dubrovnik to financially help local crafts

By  Feb 13, 2019

In an attempt to assist traditional crafts and businesses in the historic Old City of Dubrovnik the Mayor of Dubrovnik has announced a tender for financial grants. Businesses, that are based around traditional local crafts, can apply to the City of Dubrovnik and if successful will receive 2,000 Kuna a month as a subsidiary. A total of 32 subsidies will be granted by the City of Dubrovnik in 2019 and will be organised by the Department for Tourism, Economy and Sea.

The criteria for granting subsidies include the length of the traditional business, the achievements so far, the craftsmen's readiness to transfer the acquired knowledge to heirs and the willingness to periodically organize exhibitions and presentations of their products in order to promote Dubrovnik craftsmanship.

Last year the City of Dubrovnik granted a total of 30 subsidies, of which 13 were inside the Old City Walls, and the businesses varied from goldsmiths, artists, Croatian crafts and even a hairdresser.

The deadline for applications is February 25, 2019, and all other information on the terms of the call for tenders, the criteria for granting the subsidy and the form of the application are available on the website of the City of Dubrovnik.

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