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WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM AUSTRALIA: Zarkovica Animal Shelter gets a new website Screenshot of the new website

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM AUSTRALIA: Zarkovica Animal Shelter gets a new website

By  Feb 13, 2019

Zarkovica Animal Shelter, home to over 300 dogs and around 200 cats in Dubrovnik is not a tourist destination, but attracts a lot of attention of the visitors that come to our city. Many of them decide to volunteer and help to animals, but also to those who are taking care of them every day, and some of the visitors take one step further.

One of them is Brandon Cowan from Australia, who has just launched an official website of the shelter that will hopefully help to improve the shelter, which has been struggling with difficult conditions for years.

We spoke to Brandon to see what was his idea behind creating the website.

-My goal in life is to help as many animals as possible. This includes not eating them, wearing them (leather, fur, down, etc.) or supporting other forms of animal cruelty. My goal for the Zarkovica Animal Shelter website is to make it easier for more people to find the shelter, volunteer, donate and adopt from the shelter – Brandon explained.

It's interesting that the initiative for the website came from Australia. Brandon explains that it all started when someone suggested that he should visit the Zarkovica Animal Shelter when he was in Dubrovnik in July last year – he had never heard of the shelter and had no idea what he could expect.

-I work as the Animal Adoption Officer at one of the biggest pounds in Australia so I thought I’d check out Žarkovica and walk a few dogs when I was there. I struggled to find the shelter as I looked it up on Google and couldn’t find a website for it. I then found out that about 300 dogs live at Žarkovica Animal Shelter and was surprised no one had made a website for it yet. I offered to make the website for Žarkovica as I knew it was one way that I could help out. A website is a great way to promote the animals and also make it easy to show people how to get to the shelter. It also shows other useful details about what donations are needed and how to donate as well as volunteering information for people visiting – Brandon. concluded.

If you want to learn more about Zarkovica Animal Shelter, read our story. And don't forget to visit the new website – maybe you'll fall in love with one of the animals that are waiting to be adopted.

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