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Swedish chain to open in Dubrovnik Swedish chain to open in Dubrovnik

IKEA to open in Dubrovnik!

Written by  Feb 07, 2019

The globally popular Swedish furniture and home accessories chain IKEA will open their first delivery centre in Dubrovnik. IKEA, who already have a mega store near Zagreb and a delivery centre in Split, will on the 14th of February open their first ever centre in Dubrovnik. The new IKEA Dubrovnik centre will be located in Župa in the Spiona Land shopping centre.

Speaking to The Dubrovnik Times IKEA commented that “On Thursday, 14 February, within the shopping mall Spiona Land, Gornja Čibača 14, the IKEA delivery centre Dubrovnik will start with its work. Through the new delivery centre, IKEA wants to make its solutions more accessible and affordable to the many people in Croatia.”

With a delivery centre in Dubrovnik IKEA customers in the region will now be able to order items from the online IKEA catalogue and pick them up in Župa. Before this new delivery centre IKEA customers in Dubrovnik either had to drive to Zagreb, pick their furniture up at the Split delivery centre or use one of the private delivery companies that operate in the region. Soon that will be in the past as the new delivery centre will open in a week in Dubrovnik.

“At the delivery centre customers will be able to take over the products that they ordered earlier through the IKEA web shop or that they bought at the IKEA Zagreb store. The cost of picking up the products at the delivery centre will amount to 99 Kunas for the products up to 1 ton,” stated IKEA to The Dubrovnik Times.



A ton of goods from IKEA is a relatively large amount so basically for every delivery IKEA customers in Dubrovnik will pay an extra 99 Kunas on the total price. And with so many private apartments in the wider Dubrovnik region that rent to foreign tourists throughout the summer this is a great opportunity to furnish your apartment at reasonable prices.

“Through the opening of delivery centre in Dubrovnik, IKEA wants to additionally approach its products and solutions to the customers in Croatia and enable them savings. The delivery centres at the coast, in Rijeka and Split, followed by the one in Osijek, were opened earlier. IKEA continues now to explore the ways through which it can make its offer even more accessible to the many people in Croatia,” concluded a spokesperson for the Swedish company.


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