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Floating packages of marijuana found in Dubrovnik Floating packages of marijuana found in Dubrovnik

50 kilos of marijuana floats into Dubrovnik on southerly winds

By  Feb 04, 2019

Two large packets of marijuana weighing in at a whopping 43.8 kilos have washed up in Dubrovnik. Last weekend the Dubrovnik police found two packets of floating marijuana on two different locations, one on the island of Sipan, near Dubrovnik and the other in Dubrovnik.

This isn’t the first time that marijuana has washed up on the shores of Dubrovnik, in fact it has happened a few times over the past year. It is believed that drug smugglers from Albania to Italy on fast boats dump the drug when spotted by police, or of there is a danger of their ship sinking in the high seas. And the strong southerly winds, that have also brought with them plastic waste from Albania, blew the marijuana towards Dubrovnik. One the previous two occasions that marijuana has been spotted floating in the Dubrovnik seas a southerly wind was blowing.

The two packets, weighing in at almost 50 kilos, have been taken to the Dubrovnik Police headquarters were they will be destroyed. The Dubrovnik – Neretva Police force will also, with the help of international organisations, carry out an investigation to try to determine the origin of the drugs.

But the question arises were more packets of marijuana found, or was it only two this time.

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