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The best January ever in Dubrovnik!

By  Feb 04, 2019

According to the eVisitor system, not including the nautical data, 16 878 tourists stayed in Dubrovnik from 1st to 31st of January, which represents a total of 41 percent more than in the same period of 2018. They made 38 436 overnight stays, or 11 percent more than last year. In January, most guests were from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, USA, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Finland and Austria.

Of the total number of tourists in January, 14,574 guests were accommodated in 51 Dubrovnik hotels, an increase of 48 percent in hotel accommodation compared to January 2018, and there were 27,379 overnight stays, 12 percent more than last year.

Private accommodation during January reached 1 585 guests, an increase of 7 percent compared to January 2018, and there were 7 416 overnight stays, which is 11 percent more than in the previous year.

Record breaking tourist data in Dubrovnik in January is the result of direct winter flights from seven European destinations, as well as the introduction of a charter program of senior group arrivals from Scandinavia and Germany, organized by travel agency WTouristic, members of the Karaci Group and RSD Reisen from Germany - in May, over 30,000 visitors will come to Dubrovnik with them.

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