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THE SUN – Dubrovnik the ideal place to get married in 2019

By  Jan 16, 2019

With its ancient Old City, crystal clear seas and laid back lifestyle Dubrovnik is often considered a romantic destination. Hundreds of couples from all over the world choose to take their vows in the city every year and the wedding organiser business is a blooming one. And now one of the most popular publications in the UK, The Sun, has placed Dubrovnik on a list of the top 10 wedding destinations in Europe for 2019.

In an article entitled “JUST SAY YES The best places to get married in Europe in 2019 – our top 10 revealed,” The Sun runs down their choices of the perfect place to get hitched in the sunshine this year.

And at the top of the list is Cyprus, which The Sun describes as “The 'island of love', with golden sands and guaranteed sunshine, is a popular destination for getting married overseas that won't cost you the earth.” Yes, the Brits are thinking about the biggest bang for their buck after Brexit. The list also includes traditionally popular destinations for the British such as Tenerife, Ibiza, Malta and Mallorca.

“Can't decide whether to have a city or beach wedding? Dubrovnik offers the best of both worlds with a picturesque old town as well as plenty of beach locations. Choose from luxury hotels, churches, villas or beach clubs - all with spectacular sea views - for your wedding ceremony or reception. Plus, you can expect plenty of blue skies - and just a short flight time from the UK,” writes The Sun about getting married in Dubrovnik.

The Irish were one of the first nationalities to discover Dubrovnik as an ideal wedding destination, however over the years the list of nationalities has grown considerably with more and more Indian, American and French weddings in the city. This latest article in one of the most read websites in the UK could attract more couples from London, Manchester and Liverpool to plump for Dubrovnik this year.

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