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Tragedy in Plat to be marked with the Day of Mourning Photo by CROPIX

Tragedy in Plat to be marked with the Day of Mourning

By  Jan 15, 2019

The catastrophic fire at the hydropower plant in Plat took three lives on January 10th. To show respect to the employees that lost their lives and their families, as well to mark this tragedy, the Prefect of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Nikola Dobroslavic proclaimed this day to be the Day of Mourning.

The day of Mourning is marked by mandatory placing of the flags of the Republic of Croatia on half the spears in all buildings where the state authorities and bodies of local and regional self-government units are located, as well as the buildings where there are headquarters or the activity of legal persons is done.

On the Day of Mourning, no entertainment events can be held.

Legal entities conducting television and radio activities will adjust their programs to mark the Day of Mourning by broadcasting programs that by their nature correspond to the marking of that day.

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