Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Dubrovnik on the list of 11 towns to visit at least once in your lifetime

By  Jan 14, 2019

Looking for travel inspiration? Internet is full of suggestions where to go and the world is full of places that you still need to discover. 

Culture Trip, one of the favorite websites of all the travelers who want to learn about the world's culture and creativity, has recenlty published an article with a title that always attracts attention ''11 towns to visit at least once in your lifetime''.

-Yearning to escape the pitfalls that modern living entails? While many travel Instagrammers would recommend a visit to one of the world’s greatest metropolises, a trip to a quaint town is the perfect antidote to those 21st-century blues – writes the author of the article.

Wondering where you are supposed to go at least once in your lifetime? To Dubrovnik, of course. Our beautiful city has been put on the list, alongside with Yangshuo, China, Lalibela, Ethiopia, Santorini, Greece and others.

-Internationally famous for its stunning fortress that lines the waters of the Adriatic Sea, it’s little wonder this Game of Thrones locale is the jewel in Croatia’s tourism crown – the author of the article writes about Dubrovnik.

To see the full list, click here.

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