Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Senior groups charter program to bring over 30 thousand visitors to Dubrovnik

By  Jan 14, 2019

Since there is a large number of destinations that are connected with Dubrovnik regularly during the winter, from today, January 14th, a charter program of senior group arrivals from Scandinavia and Germany begins, which will bring more than 30,000 visitors to Dubrovnik to May 11th.

Organized by the travel agency WTouristic, members of the Karaci Group and RSD Reisen from Germany, the winter schedule of senior group arrivals from Germany and Scandinavia starts with one charter per day, until February 11th, when they will start arriving twice a day, all to May 11th. The winter program began already in October 2018, after which it was briefly routed to Split Airport, because of the works at the Dubrovnik airport.

It is a journey that begins and ends in Dubrovnik, during which guests will visit Ston, Makarska, Trogir and Split. They will spend two nights in Dubrovnik hotels - Hotel Rixos Libertas, Hotel Lero, Hotel Villa Paradiso and hotels in the Valamar group. This year, more than 30,000 visitors are scheduled to arrive until May 11th, while next year's plan is to bring 65,000 visitors.

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