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The first dog playground to be built in Dubrovnik

By  Jan 10, 2019

The first dog playground in Dubrovnik will be located in Mokosica. It will as a fenced park area that, besides the basic elements of the park (paths, vegetation, urban equipment), also contains dog equipment. According to the conceptual solution made in December 2018, the playground is supposed to maintain the natural configuration of the terrain and all the existing high greenery while simultaneously making use of the larger area for the park

Since the park allows the owners to let their dogs of the leash so that they can move freely within enclosed space, special zones for small and large dogs will be made. They are in the shape of ellipse with pebble paths. Between the trails are created green zones to spend time and play.

Dog Equipment is located in a flat park area, and the fence is designed to follow the rounded geometry of the terrain. In the south, at the steep zone, the terrain is secured by supporting walls made of stone.

There will be also a water tap at the park entrance, where the area where the dog will be put off the leash will be located too. Shade, water and bins for dog waste will be ensured.


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