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Real feel temperatures to plummet below zero in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jan 02, 2019

Get those thick jumpers and thermal socks ready it is about to get cold in Dubrovnik. The weather forecast over the next few days sees plummeting temperatures and icy northerly winds. The cold snap will hit the Dubrovnik region later today with night time temperatures tonight expected to be around 3 degrees. However, when the wind chill factor is taken into account the real feel temperature will be around – 6 degrees.

The Croatian Meteorological Office has announced that on Thursday “Strong bura (NE wind) with stormy gusts locally. maximum gust speed 65-110 km/h STAY ALERT for debris carried by strong winds. Debris and tree branches carried by the wind may cause localised interruptions in outdoor activities.”

The cold front will continue into Thursday and Friday, with temperatures expected to reach 5 to 6 degrees over those two days but the wind chill factor will bring real feel temperatures down below zero.

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