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New Year's Eve in Dubrovnik – All you need to know

By  Dec 29, 2018

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and if you are spending it in Dubrovnik you will surely have a good time. The choice is yours – to go to the Old City and welcome 2019 on the most beautiful street in the world, pick one of the bars in the side streets or outside the City or – to stay in your room.

If your choice is the first option, we bring you all the details that you need to know to welcome New Year in Dubrovnik.


New Year's Eve is celebrated during the whole day in Dubrovnik! The fun begins at 11 am with the New Year's Eve party for children at Stradun. The youngest, but also those a bit older, will able to dance with young Croatian singer Mia Negovetic and Super Cover Band.

At noon, traditional party begins – in front of the church of Saint Blaise Lindo Folklore Ensemble, Libertas Choir and Dubrovnik Brass Band will perform, bringing traditional Christmas carols.

Then it's time for lunch, rest and preparations for the craziest night of the year, that starts officialy at 9 pm, with the warm up party by Jure Brkljaca, Marko Kutlic and David Temelkov. New Year's Eve party is in the hands of famous Croatian singers Nina Badric and Tony Cetinski who will keep you dancing until early morning hours – even if you don't know a word of Croatian!

If you want to be near the Old City, but just a bit outside of it, your choice could be New Year's Eve Party at Lazareti that will start at 10 pm.

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Even if end up partying until early morning hours, you will probably get up before noon, when a traditional Ball of Orlando is held. What's the better way to spend the first day of the year than drinking sparkling wine, eating oysters and listening to amazing music?

Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marc Tardue with soprano Marija Kuhar Sosa will perform waltzes, polkas and popular arias.

If that sounds tempting, but still a bit too early for you, your choice might be the concert that will held at 9 pm at Stradun by the traditional vocal group Rispet. Just don't stay at your room – moving is the key part of recovery!


Even if you are coming to Dubrovnik by car, we suggest you that you don't drive it during New Year's Eve because you will surely have problems with parking. And you really don't have to, because during the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, all the buses are free of charge for passengers from 5 pm.

To cope with the expected crowds a number of extra buses are added by the Dubrovnik bus company Libertas, and most of them will operate until 4.00 am on New Year’s day.

- lines 1A, 3, 4 and 6 will operate up until 04:00 am from Pile
- lines 1B and 8 will run at the last departure at 03:40 am from Pile
- line 10 will have additional departures from Dubrovnik at 01:00, 02:00, 03:00 and 04:00;
- line 12 will have an additional departure from Dubrovnik at 03:00 am
- Line 35 will have an additional departure from Dubrovnik at 1:30 am

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