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Over 11,000 Kuna collected at Dubrovnik Cake Party Branka Mumalo

Over 11,000 Kuna collected at Dubrovnik Cake Party

By  Dec 09, 2018

This year's Humanitarian “Cake Party” collected over 11,000 Kuna for the purchase of a neuro-feedback apparatus and the equipping of the sensory room of the Polyclinic for Mental Health Protection of Children and the Early Intervention Project of the General Hospital Dubrovnik.

Over 40 cakes from various Dubrovnik businesses were donated to the Cake Party and in spite of the bad weather, which caused the party to be moved from the Old City to the Sunset Beach in Lapad, hundreds of people turned up to support the worthy action.

clapping at cake party 2018 00

children at cake party 2018


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