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Hotel Lapad team Hotel Lapad team

Hotel Lapad celebrates successful season

By  Dec 09, 2018

“After closing the hotel on the 7th of November we started work and preparation for the next season,” commented the Director of Hotel Lapad, Vivian Kuculo. İn 2018 the hotel was open for the same amount of days as last year and acheived a similar number of overnight stays in spite of a change in the market trends.

Hotel Lapad is very much a “British Freindly” hotel with 40 percent of guests last year coming from the UK, but 2018 saw a drop of 11 percent in British guests and this could well have been an aftereffect of Brexit commented the hotel.

Even though the number of British guests may have fallen off this season Hotel Lapad has seen an increase in guests from America, in fact a 15 percent from that far market.

“We worked with a total of 178 agencies but our top 10 agencies achieved 76 percent of our turnover! We are increasingly focused on online sales, while 57 percent are individual and 14 percent are guests in groups. Excellent and stable revenues made it possible to raise our employees' salaries, and immediately after the closing of the hotel on November 7 we started work and preparation for the next season. Last year, we worked on the restaurant design and indoor pool,” added Kuculo.


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