Thursday, 18 April 2019

School pupils bring advent colour to Dubrovnik

By  Dec 05, 2018

Dubrovnik is certainly in the Christmas spirit with the latest decoration bringing colour and joy to the Stradun. The shop window of the Dubrovnik pharmacy under the main bell tower is now full of advent festivities after students of the Art School decorated it with their “Advent Calendar on the Stradun.”

In order to make Stradun as the central venue for the 5th Dubrovnik Winter Festival even more beautiful and more appropriate for the holiday atmosphere, the City of Dubrovnik created the "Advance Calendar on the Stradun" project.

Various schools are involved in the project and their students will create advent calendars to be displayed on the Stradun. A great idea and one that is helping to bring a touch of colour to the Old City over the festive season.

shop window dubrovnik christmas

shop window pharmacy dubrovnik christmas

festive shop window dubrovnik

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