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New fireboat for the Dubrovnik Fire Brigade under construction

By  Dec 04, 2018

New fireboat is under construction in Istria, for the needs of the Fire Brigade of the City of Dubrovnik. This is a historic investment of the City of Dubrovnik in order to better equip the emergency services. Construction is in the hands of Istrian company Marservis d.o.o. with many years of experience in boat production. Fireboat delivery is expected in five months, before the new tourist season. The value of the contract is four million kuna - part of funds is provided by the City of Dubrovnik, while the other part is provided by the Lokrum Reserve.

A multi-purpose vessel with a total length of 13.5 meters with two engines, 550 horsepower for quick interventionswill primarily be used in the action of the fire brigade at the sea, and the city of Dubrovnik has already provided additional funds for the organization of the naval service. The boat will raise the level of safety, health and defense. It will enable the firefighters to be transported and have the quick fire-fighting reactions at Elafiti and Lokrum, but will also be used for prompt interventions in case of sea pollution and other urgent rescue operations of endangered human lives. It will be equipped with appropriate navigation and communication equipment and extinguishing equipment. There is also a space for transporting injured passengers.

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