Sunday, 26 May 2019

God Help Us from morons with spray paint

By  Dec 02, 2018

The fire service on the island of Lokrum not only protect Dubrovnik’s closest island from fires but they also spend hours and hours maintain the thick forests, cutting new paths and creating a safe and enjoyable environment. They also provide new benches for visitors to enjoy the panoramic views.

However, as this photo clearly shows, not every visitor to the island has the same respect for the hard work that goes into looking after and improving the island of Lokrum. Some mindless vandals have spray-painted on one of the very benches that the Lokrum fire service installed. As the Twitter feed of lovelokrum commented "Sad to see our firefighters hard and beautiful work runied with spray paint. Please keep our island beautiful for everyone."  

Two questions spring to mind, why would someone do this and why would someone take a can of spray paint to a nature reserve? God Help Us indeed!


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