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Cod Fish Days in Dubrovnik as Christmas approaches

By  Nov 27, 2018

In cooperation with Dubrovnik restaurants, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board will once again traditionally organise the “Cod Fish Days” as part of the rich program of this year's Dubrovnik Winter Festival.

Along with prikle doughnuts and dried figs, cod fish prepared in different ways is one of the delicious traditional delicacies that can be found on most Dubrovnik tables during the winter months, and especially on Christmas Eve.

From December 21st to 24th you will be able to taste the authentic traditionally prepared cod fish dishes in Dubrovnik’s restaurants. These dishes are part of Dubrovnik’s gastronomic heritage, prepared according to traditional recipes, in white or in red sauce, or in some other ways, such as cream of cod fish soup, cod pâté or cod fish patties.

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