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NON-STOP COOKING: Konoba Veranda to raise money for the General Hospital in a unique way

By  Nov 15, 2018

Konoba Veranda, highly recommended restaurant on Tripadvisor because of the great food and atmosphere, is having a humanitarian action to close the season in a unique way. The action carries the name ''24 hours without compromises'', because they will cook for their guest non-stop from Saturday, November 24th – starting at 6am, all to the early morning of Sunday, November 25th. 

The goal of the action is to raise 50 thousand kuna for the Dubrovnik General Hospital. All the earned money will go for buying of the CTG device used during the pregnancy for the purpose of monitoring the pulse (fetal) heart rate and the contraction of the uterus.

We contacted Maja Andric from the Konoba Veranda to see what was the reason to start the action.
-The restaurant closes for this season on that weekend, so I wished it to be humanitarian. My cousin Ema is involved as a volunteer in the church, so when they have 72 hours without compromise action, including prayer and socializing, she is there. Ema was my inspiration. The reactions of people are wonderful. The responses are really positive. We really want to believe that we with the help of the people we will get the desired amount of money – Maja explained.

Since the Konoba Veranda is located a bit outside the city, in Stikovica, even the taxi drivers are part of the action, so you shouldn’t worry about getting there – you should contact the Konoba Veranda and they will arrange it for you. You can come and ‘’warm up’’ for the night out or to have a perfect hangover breakfast – it’s your choice.

Good mood, even better food and many surprises expect you in the Konoba Veranda. Save the date!

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