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Cruise ship challenges discussed at Tourism and Strategy Festival

By  Nov 08, 2018

The fourth European Tourism and Strategy Festival opened today in Dubrovnik at Hotel Valamar President. The panel discussion entitled "Cruise Travel and Cities - Challenges and Opportunities" was attended by Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković, President and the President and CEO of Cruise Lines International Association Cindy D'Aoust and renowned CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg.

“About a year and a half ago Dubrovnik was an example of unsustainable tourism, and all the world’s media wrote about how Dubrovnik was collapsing. Today all the world’s media are talking about how Dubrovnik started to be a sustainable destination. They are inviting us to the world's leading conferences to talk about what we have done," commented Frankovic.

mato frankovic talks at festival tourism

Dubrovnik Mayor speaks at congress

D'Aoust stressed that CLIA supports the idea of sustainable destinations for citizens and guests. "We have to think outside the box, not just thinking about doing things as we always did. The most important part of our co-operation is that Mayor Frankovic knew what his goal was, which was Dubrovnik's long-term success with regard to tourism. All partners, all factors involved in the story must cooperate and this is a way to success. Frankovic immediately understood and immediately contacted me," she said.

Greenberg emphasized the importance of managing figures “I've been coming here since 1984. Most of these conferences are concerned with how to increase or improve numbers, but today we are talking about how to manage them, to provide a great experience with increased numbers. When we stop looking at the numbers and start looking at the experience, and when the private and public sectors start to cooperate, as is the case here, the problems will be solved," said Greenberg.

The thee-day festival continues tomorrow in the Hotel Valamar President and concludes with an open day in the Port of Dubrovnik on Saturday.

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