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Taj Mahal wins prestigious award Taj Mahal wins prestigious award

And the best restaurant in Dubrovnik is…

By  Nov 05, 2018

The Dubrovnik based restaurants Taj Mahal have won the prestigious award as the second best restaurant in Croatia at the recent Days of Croatian Tourism. This Bosnian restaurant in Dubrovnik, in fact two restaurants with one in the historic Old City and the other in Hotel Lero, offers traditional cuisine, drinks and all served in an authentic interior. These very values have been recognised at the leading tourism event in Croatia and Taj Mahal for the first time in their short history have picked up an award.

taj mahal nagrada

Edin Macanović (on right on photo) picks up award in Hvar 

“We really couldn’t believe it when we finished second, it is a complete shock and a great honour. Especially when you take into account that we are a Bosnian restaurant,” commented Edina Macanović the co-owner of Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal story started back in 2004 with the first restaurant opening in the UNESCO Old City of Dubrovnik. “Back then our only advertisement was the comforting and inviting smell spreading from our grill and stove in the Old City restaurant’s tiny kitchen were we first started sharing our cooking traditions. People came and told their friends. And the homely atmosphere and our filling dishes have been popular with both locals and tourists ever since,” added Taj Mahal. And then in 2013 they opened a sister restaurant in Hotel Lero. Taj Mahal was quickly becoming a brand in Dubrovnik. The home of high quality Bosnian cuisine with guaranteed good service and a smile.

taj mahal interior dubrovnik

Taj Mahal in Hotel Lero

“It was a complete surprise that we were nominated amongst the first five restaurants in Croatia. In fact, we were very proud to be in the top five and on the evening when they announced us in second place we were blown away,” added Macanović.

food in hotel lero taj mahal

Edin Macanović was obviously pleased and surprise when he received the award at the Days of Croatian Tourism on Hvar.

And yes, as the first place went to the Sveti Nikola restaurant in Porec that means that Taj Mahal was the top rated restaurant in Dubrovnik. The third position was taken by Brasserie Adriatic in Rovinj. Meaning that two of the top three restaurants in Croatia are located in Istria.

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