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A museum in memory of Oliver Dragojevic to be opened on Korcula

By  Nov 07, 2018

One of the greatest Croatian musicians, Oliver Dragojevic, passed away in July, but will be remembered forever. That's confirmed with the news from beautiful Korcula, where they are planning to open a special museum to honor this amazing artist that has been battling lung cancer for a year and sadly lost the battle at the age of 71.

At the heart of Vela Luka, Oliver's birthplace, a museum is planned – it was confirmed by the Deputy Mayor of the town Dragisa Barcot for the website Dalmacija Danas.

He said that the initiative for the museum came from Oliver's family and was immediately accepted by the city where this musician was born and spent a lot of his time. They see it as a big project, so after agreeing on location, are thinking about ideas and how to make this project the best they can. One of the plans to honour one of the best Croatian musicians ever is also ''Oliver Days''.

Oliver Dragojevic's career is marked with many timeless classics and his music will live on for the centuries to come!