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Marijuana packages floating near Dubrovnik - again Illustration

Marijuana packages floating near Dubrovnik - again

By  Nov 05, 2018

About 156 kilograms of marijuana packages were found on Friday and Saturday in the areas of Orebic, Blato on Korcula and Mljet, it was confirmed to HINA on Sunday from the Dubrovnik-Neretva Police Administration.

Drug packets have been found after the alert of citizens, and the police assumes that the marijuana comes from the smuggling sea route from Albania or Montenegro to Italy, which has floated to the Croatian coast.

-Marijuana comes from Albania, and it is assumed that it has been transported by speedboats. Drug smugglers, indeed, use large waves and navigate to the south to avoid radars. Sometimes it happens that some of the cargo falls or it’s thrown into the sea - they explained from the Dubrovnik police.

Similar event happened back in March, when the packages could be found in the Old City Port.