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And the winner of the worst restaurant in Dubrovnik is….

By  Nov 04, 2018

And the title of the worst restaurant in Dubrovnik in 2018, according to the reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor goes to Korta Bistro And Wine Bar.

With a little under two months until the rest of the year it seems unlikely that another Dubrovnik restaurant will take the title of the worst restaurant in Dubrovnik. We hasten to add that these reviews are independent and based on travellers and clients experiences.

In fact, according to TripAdvisor Korta Bistro And Wine Bar ranks in 350th position out of 360 restaurants. So not last you might think. You’d be wrong. The bottom ten places are for restaurants and cafes that don’t exist, have closed or have no reviews at all. Korta Bistro and Wine Bar on the other hand has plenty of reviews, to be precise 428 reviews.

worst food iun dubrovnik ever

And the ratings must be some kind of record, but not necessarily a record you would want. Out of a total of 289 reviews a staggering 258 ranked the restaurant with one star.

With a massive 428 reviews this Old City restaurant has double the number of reviews than three restaurants ranked in the top ten best restaurants in Dubrovnik on TripAdvisor. And the reviews tell the whole, uncensored story.

Here a few to give you a taste (bad taste)

The fish was simply not good! There was an insect in our daughter's salad, alive. We ordered 2 fish, one meat, a big and a small bottle of water and one fresh orange juice and we paid 80 Euro. We sent half the food back and said why. The waitress had asked and showed no reaction. As part of the menu we got a cheap disgusting cake from the supermarket. We are shocked and very disappointed. The government should control this government because they harm the city. - Dream37663959656

This must be one of the worst restaurants I have ever visited - no wonder they have to lure you in with the offer of a free drink (watery schnapps) and dessert (miniscule). Lesson learned - avoid any restaurant who hands out freebie flyers - no other restaurant in Dubrovnik does this because they DON'T NEED TO! This was our first evening in Dubrovnik and we fell for it - we were packed in like sardines in a restaurant with mediocre décor and awful food - my plate arrived with boiled rice mixed with tomato puree and some pickled sea food mixed in - the menu calls it "Seafood risotto" I don't think so. My husband ordered steak salad which consisted of strips of rubber on a few lettuce leaves - no dressing or sauce, no tomatoes or cucumber, again awful. This restaurant has no name over the door but it is just off the main Stradun in Izemedu Polaca 11 and I have uploaded a photograph of the entrance - avoid, avoid, avoid - there are so many beautiful eateries to choose from - steer clear of this one - what a waste of time and money. - BexSolihull_UK

thumbs down for korta

Thumbs down!

THIS IS A MASSIVE CON, DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEM WITH YOUR PRESENCE. Please check out the photos other viewers have added and if you are given the flier, JUST RIP IT UP IN FRONT OF THEM. You are charged 20 Kuna (per person) service charge, as soon as you sit down (this is shown on your bill, so you don’t know it till the payment stage) the food is terrible & I love my food, it doesn’t matter what you have off the menu, it is all rubbish. The couple next to us had different dishes and said the same thing. The beer is 70 Kuna for a 0.5l BOTTLE, which in English pounds is over £8(I’ve added my bill for you to see) the free drink they offer you is a, watered down liquor in a shot glass and the desert we had was a dried up chocolate Swiss roll (which other reviewers have added on their reviews) The staff person giving out the fliers will be standing opposite the GANT shop & will be by the side alley going up to the cafe, if it is a bald headed man, he is the owner. PLEASE DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS PLACE, YOU WILL ONY WASTE YOUR MONEY AND BE VERY DISAPPOINTED. It is such a shame, as this cafe should not be gracing the Old Town. - The-Bikers