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VIDEO Dubrovnik Tourist Board movie keeps winning awards

By  May 17, 2016

New promo movie of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board called 'Dubrovnik and Time' has won couple awards on the movie festivals in the first few months of its existence – in Berlin, New York, Riga, and the newest one in Sesimbra, Portugal.

On the fifth Finisterra Arabida Film Art and Tourism Festival in Sesimbra, 'Dubrovnik and Time' has won two awards, the first place in the category 'Places in History' and the third place in the category 'Destinations'. The competition consisted of 232 movies from 87 countries.

Awards were given last weekend in Sesimbra in Portugal and Spomenka Saraga, producer of the movie, took the awards in the name of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and 'Balduci movie'. The movie 'Dubrovnik and Time' was filmed last year in the production of 'Balduci film' from Zagreb, with international crew led by the director Herve Tirmarche.

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