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Don't forget top turn your clocks back Don't forget top turn your clocks back

Turn your clocks back on Sunday morning and follow winter driving laws

By  Oct 26, 2018

Winter is coming! And no this isn’t a Game of Thrones article, winter really is coming and on Sunday the clocks go back an hour as summer time comes to an end this weekend.

During the last weekend of October winter time begins as people get an extra hour to sleep on Saturday night.

And the Dubrovnik – Neretva Police have announced that with the upcoming winter time drivers are obliged to follow the laws on winter driving. This means that on Sunday you’ll need to have your car lights on at all times and not only when it gets dark.

According to the law on winter driving vehicles must have their lights on at all times in order to make them more visible to other road users. In the event of non-compliance with the above legal provisions, the driver shall be punished with a fine of 300 Kuna.

And moped, scooter and motorcycle riders are obliged to have their lights on during the whole year.

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