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Christmas comes early to Dubrovnik Kathy Steward

Christmas comes early to Dubrovnik

By  Oct 26, 2018

Christmas in Dubrovnik, especially Christmas shopping, is normally a last minute custom, however it seems that Christmas has come early to the city.

With a full 60 days before Christmas Day a large department store in Dubrovnik has already launched its Christmas sales. With decorations, lights and gifts the store is the first in the city to jump on the Christmas bandwagon.

xmas shopping in dubrovnik 2018

Whilst many stores in Western Europe have already started to promote the festival season Dubrovnik has largely avoided this commercial face of Christmas. “Look what’s in the shops already!! It’s obviously NOT just the U.K. that has Xmas stuff in the shops far too early!” commented Kathy Steward along with these photos of the Christmas selection.