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Dubrovnik Good Food Festival Dubrovnik Good Food Festival

Dubrovnik’s food festival goes international

By  Oct 24, 2018

This year’s Dubrovnik Good Food Festival had a true international feel as 22 foreign journalists from all over the world followed the gastronomic event.

The Good Food Festival, which is traditionally organised by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, attracted journalists from Brazil, Russia, the United States, Poland, Turkey, Italy, the UK, Sweden, Norway, France and Germany. And it wasn’t only reporters who followed this culinary festival, there were also six travel agents from Australia in the city collecting data for future tours.

During their time in Dubrovnik the international journalists were treated to a tour of the city, a ride on the cable car as well as full participation in the fifth Good Food Festival.

The communication section of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has invited around 400 foreign journalists to the city this year alone.