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Another baking hot summer on the way for Dubrovnik Another baking hot summer on the way for Dubrovnik

Long, hot summer on the way for Dubrovnik

By  May 15, 2016

The bizarre weather in Dubrovnik this May, which has been a mix of bright sunshine, hail storms and torrential rains, looks set to come to an end as more settled weather is on the way. In fact according to long-term weather reports on the respected Croatia could be in for an extremely hot and dry summer.

This has been one of the wettest starts to May in Dubrovnik for a long time, with even a hail storm turning the cobbled streets of the Old City white. However over the next few days the weather will become more stable and slowly start to warm. The predication for the summer of 2016 is for extreme heat. “The heat in the southern Balkan Peninsula could result in the warmest summer in recent years," commented one of AccuWeathers Senior Meteorologists Alan Reppert.

Not only will it be a hot summer but also a dry one with the chances of drought and forest fires. “While storms bring relief from any intense heat in western and northern Europe, southern Europe will be sweating this summer as long stretches of above-normal temperatures and dry weather dominate,” writes AccuWeather.

rain maz dubrovnik

The scene in Dubrovnik yesterday - Photo by Tonci Plazibat 

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