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VIDEO - Mayor of Dubrovnik talks about the city problems at CNN Screenshot

VIDEO - Mayor of Dubrovnik talks about the city problems at CNN

By  Oct 22, 2018

On Friday, October 19th, Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic was a guest in the CNN's show "Quest Means Business" on the topic of tourism and experience of the City of Dubrovnik in the management of the destination.

In the show ''Quest Means Business'', Richard Quest and a team of correspondents analyze the facts and figures from the business world to help people earn money and spend it wisely.

In this episode, Richard Quest asked Mato Frankovic why is Dubrovnik complaning since Game of Thrones brought it great popularity.

-We are not complaning, we are very proud of our city and our tourism. We think that we actually need to take a break – explained the Mayor, adding that the City wants to reduce the number of tourists, not only because of the citizens, but also because of the quality offered to tourists, who are mostly coming because of beauty of Dubrovnik, not only because of Game of Thrones.

The host also mentioned the problem of cruise ships and tourists 'taking over' the city, wondering how can it be prevented.

Mayor explained that the City of Dubrovnik approached CLIA, saying that problem should be fixed as soon as possible and got to the ''quick fix'' – spreading the number of arrivals, so there's not a lot of cruisers arriving at the same time.

-For the next year, we have a limit of two cruise ships at the same time – Frankovic added, explaining that there's a lot to do, but Dubrovnik will surely be mentioned as the city of sustainable tourism.

You can see the show below.

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