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PHOTO – Unusual nude photo session at the island of Lokrum Photos from the Instagram profile by Drew Michael Wunder

PHOTO – Unusual nude photo session at the island of Lokrum

By  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 21, 2018

Instagram is an interesting place. You can see people from all around the world doing a huge variety of things, every thing more adventurous than the other. And you can see them doing, well, strange things. Our natural things – depends on your point of view.

Browsing #dubrovnik on Instagram usually brings us wonderful photos of the Old City of Dubrovnik and numerous tourists posing at different locations. Today it took us somewhere unexpected – on the island of Lokrum, where one unusual photo session took place.

Drew Michael Wunder published a set of photos from the beautiful island of Lokrum – completely nude. Since Instagram is not fond of nudity, he found a way to keep them online, covering his genitals with funny stickers of flowers or eight ball. He had a lot of reactions… And what do you think?

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