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Venezuelan dinner delighted guests with the blend of food and music

By  Oct 20, 2018

Good Food Festival continued last night with the Venezuelan dinner at the Kantenari restaurant, located at the Sunset Beach Dubrovnik, which made everyone feel like they’re in Venezuela with the blend of taste, smells, music and dance rhythms.

The person ‘’in charge’’ was amazing musician and food lover Ricardo Luque, who was the host of this interesting dinner. We had a chance to talk with Ricardo few days ago, so don’t miss to meet him in our interview. Last night, Ricardo made sure that everybody learn the story about the dishes they are eating, since every meal was traditional. In four course meal, the visitors had a chance to eat Arepitas con Queso, Pisca Andina, Asado Negro and Dulce da Name con Sarrapia.

But that’s not all! Ricardo has more interesting stories for the visitors of his lecture ''Heritage of the autochtonous civilizations of Latin America'’, that he will hold in the Tourist Board Office at Pile at 5 pm.

Another great addition to the Venezuelan dinner was the concert of Cubismo group and their music brought great atmosphere during the whole evening. Dance Association of the Ritmo de Salsa danced the night away and inspired guests to dance in the Latin American rhythm. Another proof that good food and good music go well together!